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¿What is Creative Commons?
Creative Commons provides free licenses that allow artists to protect their rights. These licenses are very easy to use and adapt perfectly to a digital environment. There are unique and allow the right holder, the artist, to authorize the public to make use of their music, especially when the use is private (downloads, copies ...), while if you want you can restrict commercial uses, the transformations of the original work or the degree of freedom (in the sense of free software).


What is meant by Free Music?
Free music is music that is not registered for any rights management society (SGAE and the like). Music artists choose to protect their rights to the use of specific non exclusive licenses like those offered by Creative Commons or Free Art. Free music not necessarily mean music for any use or free of copyright. Rather, it means music with some rights reserved. The license chosen by the artist that determines which uses are allowed and under what conditions.


What other institutions are using Creative Commons?


What are the different Creative Commons licenses and what are the advantages of each?

These non-exclusive licenses are user friendly and tailored to the Internet standard. Allow rights holders to authorize in advance certain uses of the work by the public, as can be booked the commercial, derivative works and the degree of freedom in general (in the sense of free software).


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RadioUnicaribe RadioUnicaribe used exclusively audio produced by the same entity or with the consent of the authors and performers, giving moral recognition they deserve their creators and performers.

Any questions or doubts, please contact us using our section "Contact us".

If you are the author or performer of songs that are transmitted through RadioUnicaribe and changed its license to a copyrighted may request to be removed, otherwise we will assume that you are still giving permission to continue to disseminate his music RadioUnicaribe always nonprofit.

You can find more music, Creative Commons with license through Jamendo or in Free Music Archive.