Learn more About us.


Our mision.


Be the channel for the participation of the University community in a familiar and socially responsible, promoting cultural values ​​and scientific knowledge to contribute to the formation of a collective conscience and the welfare of listeners in a training area and preparation of all professionals through communication technologies.

So, who are we?


We are exclusively students of various educational plans are there in the Universidad del Caribe. Together, we decided to create a medium that allows students and the community at large informed of the events of ecological preservation, cultural, scientific advances, technological and sports as well as also disclose any investigations carried out by the university and non government.

Being virtue our teamwork and the application of our knowledge acquired during our studies in this project called RadioUnicaribe without losing the playfulness, fun times without losing the objectives set at all times.



As a team we understand the challenges that are generated with each step we take. Always seek the participation of each of our members and we are also willing to accept constructive criticism and new applicants.

RadRadioUnicaribe is not a project of a few, as staff believe that every student has a commitment to yourself and your community, by return through daily effort things that can provide knowledge to others.

Hit it with the values ​​pursued by our university, the Universidad del Caribe.

Target audience.


Mainly university students. But for us the satisfaction of the general public acceptance. We thus achieve the integration of all public equity space, values ​​and scientific knowledge. We are proud to be part of you and let us go with you every day in every transmission we do..

Our History

February 23. - Was made the first experimental broadcast. We used only a laptop and a microphone, to the student Hiram J. Hernandez Navarrete.
March 17. - It was the team of 6 students who founded RadioUnicaribe and presented to the Rector of the Universidad del Caribe Escaip Master Arturo Manzur. The founders are: Cindy Dorantes, Grecia Gutierrez, Ivan Ortiz, Daniel Flores, Christian Hernandez Pool and Hiram.
The group performed the first casting RadioUnicaribe which involved over 50 students of various educational plans.
Prior to the summer holidays were initiated discussions with the Rector of the University and the authorities of Sistema Quintanarroense de Comunicación Social (SQCS) to develop a joint work program on FM, named Caribe mas Caribe.
Students planned for 2012 provide broadcasting services over the Internet and the integration of students of other institutions of school and higher education wishing to develop their skills in the media.


Walther González from the 2nd Generation.

Broadcaster in Caribe mas Caribe.